Mystic messenger game tips and answers

Welcome the most elevated conceivable number of visitors at the gathering. Once in a while a visitor won’t affirm their interest in the gathering at the prior stages and that may drive you a little eager yet you should simply to hold your grounds and take a stab at ensuring they go to the gathering with your nonstop exertion. It might require a couple of days for the visitor to affirm their essence at the gathering.

The persistent interest in visit acquires you hearts that can be traded for hourglass which is of prime significance with regards to opening of premium substance of mystic messenger emails that help you.


To expand the likelihood of hosting a decent gathering end you should answer to all the emails effectively and target procuring three green bolts. Try not to race to open the last reactions of the visitors. On the eleventh day (the gathering day) save the game just before the gathering begins. After you have saved the game, open all the emails, and proceed with the gathering. There will be a more prominent opportunity to have a brilliant completion.

100 hearts can be changed over into 1 hourglass.

Answer to emails as you get, don’t allow emails to sit in the inbox for long.

Try not to stress on the off chance that you have welcomed somebody your #1 character probably won’t care for.

Last Word


So we are idealistic that subsequent to experiencing this guide you will have the option to understand what is the issue here and how to get to an extraordinary closure. On the off chance that you fail to remember the appropriate responses you need to ship off the character you are communicating with, it is recommended that you bookmark our page for future references and you experience this guide again to have the right answers. Eventually, we completely uphold your virtual love life, virtual gatherings, and diversion by playing mystic messenger and we do trust that you get the best consummation.

When will I begin getting Emails?

At the point when you wish somebody to go to your gathering you will get three emails from the visitor. These emails will have three green bolts. You need at any rate 3 right emails with three green bolts and one complete in Silver/Blue–Green.

How to answer Mystic messenger email?

To answer to a mystic messenger email effectively, simply click on the main letter of the sender’s username in the table above, which will lead you to the correct reaction.

Will you experience a terrible closure for planned out emails?

It might happen that you don’t return to react to an email as expected. Coordinated out emails may occur and we typically don’t believe that you will confront a terrible closure because of planned out emails. Without a doubt you may encounter a typical closure in the event that you have lesser than 10 visitors in your gathering on the grounds that planned out emails are not thought of and tallied.

How to know whether I got a Mystic messenger email?

You will get warnings for any new emails in your inbox. You will get emails when visitors will answer to your solicitation to the gathering.

What Is Mystic Messenger?

Mystic Messenger is a Korean ladies’ madding application made to appreciate the dating encounters, sentiments, and feelings particularly intended for the female segment of the general public. As such, this game changes a woman’s dreams and minds into genuine encounters and transports her to the ideal and Utopian place that is known for agreeable characters from various foundations.

Through a cell phone, seven distinct characters are joined to the player of the game, and those seven characters cooperate by means of visit, calls, and even send emails.

Characters of the game communicate with the player on the bases of characteristics appeared and showed before them while interfacing through visit, calls, or emails. You begin knowing and may wind up cherishing any of the male characters of the game and get the vibe of being infatuated, all things considered.

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