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The supermarket line is the battlefield between our sanity and our cravings. Whoever didn’t come out with an extra chocolate, gum pack or magazine, is most likely a reptilian. But have you decided on impulse to buy your next home, your retirement fund or your children’s school? If making these decisions takes time, marketing around them is also much more complex than selling a chocolate.

The chocolate contradiction

Although you fully understand that your company is selling an important decision, it is very likely that you will continue to fall into the trap of marketing for chocolates. What does this mean?

Disruption marketing.  Strategies focused on seducing the consumer

Disruption Marketing

Basically, this is marketing that interrupts your prospects to get right under their noses wherever, whenever, and as many times as possible. Call it a billboard, radio spot, TV commercial, Youtube, Facebook Ads, or magazine prints. When it comes down to it, it’s not the “nature” of the channel that matters: if the message is delivered through interruption, digital marketing can be just as traditional (and ineffective) as a newspaper ad.

Of course, in theory it sounds tempting. Who doesn’t want everyone to see your ads and know your brand? After all, that’s the kind of advertising we’re most exposed to. It is not incomprehensible, then, to see real estate developments marketing as if they were Coca Cola or the Milky Way.

But in practice, when you sell something much more valuable than chocolate, you can get everyone to see you … but nobody buys you.

Reach as many people as possible.

“As many people as possible. ” If your market segmentation is this broad, you don’t know your buyer profiles. Spending your entire marketing budget without proper direction is like throwing a bottle into the sea hoping someone will read it … and buy your product. In short, it is money thrown away.

In the vast majority of cases, marketing to everyone is marketing to noone.

When your advertising message is seen by whoever crosses a road, it is very difficult to see the return on investment generated by your efforts.

How much does it cost your company to acquire a lead?

The more important your product is for the lives of your customers, the more complicated and expensive it is to acquire a lead.

Each lead generated for health services and supplies can cost up to $ 60. The financial and business sectors have an average cost per lead of $ 43 (Marketing Insider) Although in Latin America we still do not have this statistic, for the European real estate market, a digital contact can cost $25.

Sure, these are leads generated in digital media. But what about traditional means of marketing? Measuring cost of acquisition becomes extremely difficult to track.

How many of these leads will be converted to sales? It all depends on how aligned your marketing and sales teams are. When it comes to interruption marketing, it’s very likely that you will capture leads that are simply not qualified to buy from you or not ready to buy yet. If your marketing strategy can’t differentiate between qualified leads and contacts for sale, your salespeople will waste a lot of valuable time on calls that don’t come to fruition.

What is the alternative? Change the objective of your marketing. More than seductive, make it educational.

Inbound: Marketing that educates your customers and stimulates your sales

Contrary to interruption marketing, Inbound Marketing, or attraction marketing, is about offering solutions to your prospects and placing them in the channels they are already searching.

The fundamental change in this way of doing marketing is to place your consumer and not your brand at the center of a shopping experience. Complementarily, it is about opening a conversation, (and not a monologue, as in traditional advertising), in the channels in which your customers choose.

inbound marketing.  The consumer at the center of the buying process

To do this, it uses the strategic combination of tactics such as content marketing, web optimization, email marketing, lead generation and tracking, social media, Adwords and Social Ads correctly segmented and sales automation in order to provide the customer with the best shopping experience.

At first glance, inbound marketing is essentially a digital marketing methodology; however, its scope is much wider. At Hint, we firmly believe that our digital experiences are culminated and enriched by human contact. Technology, in that sense, is a tool to increase people’s impact and make their experiences more comprehensive.

Technology is a human tool. It’s a medium. Never an end.

When working with our own clients, we are very emphatic on this point, because at the end of the day, our marketing efforts will result in the contact and accompaniment of a salesperson, a consultant or a service provider.

Why do Inbound Marketing?

The Inbound methodology has proven to be up to 10 times more effective and the leads generated through these efforts cost 61% less than those generated in interruption strategies. ( Hubspot ). This, in itself, can be extremely attractive for companies with a high cost of acquisition per customer.

Digital marketing for strategic decisions


Let’s go back to the chocolate contradiction: when establishing marketing strategies based on impulse, many times a single message is enough to turn our whimsical prospect into a satisfied customer. The process of buying a chocolate in the supermarket line would be – in simple terms – the following:

I get a message I stimulate a need I satisfy my need.

traditional marketing vs inbound marketing.  impulse buying process

A momentous purchase decision, on the other hand, requires deep research and meticulous comparison between the options offered by the market. This leads to lengthy buying processes, in which a consumer will search – and find – a variety of sources of information before making the sale.

Inbound Marketing.  Long shopping routes with high educational need

68% of online customers will spend considerably their time reading content produced by a brand with which they are interested in making a purchase. (The CMA )  80% of decision makers prefer a series of informative articles to an advertising message to make a transcendent decision. (Content Marketing Institute)

Inbound Marketing establishes tactics to accompany your prospects along their purchase route: by making it easier to find information, you can help reduce the time they need to make the purchase and ensure that your sales department only receives those prospects. qualified.

Is inbound marketing an option for my company?

One of the most important discoveries in Blue world cityhas been to understand that not all companies are ideal candidates to generate and sustain an Inbound Marketing strategy. Therefore, when a prospect comes to us requesting a budget for digital marketing, we prefer to be clear about the compatibility of their project with this methodology.

How to know if inbound marketing is ideal for my company

Why? Part of our values ​​is to make decisions based on the need and the impact that our efforts will have on the success of our clients. If we think that your products require strategies (digital and traditional) other than the Inbound approach, we will prefer to tell you before you make a wrong decision.

What does it depend on?

To have a consolidated company or in the process of consolidation. More than the size or age of your company, we think about its stability. To have a long-term business vision and the ability to innovate in your marketing and sales processes.

But above all:

To sell a product that requires educating its consumers to make the decision. A product that, among other things, means a long-term investment or a major change in people’s lives.

After all, if I pick the wrong chocolate in line at the grocery store, it might just lead to a bad taste in my mouth (and more than a couple extra calories). But if I choose the wrong school for my children, it will be a decision that affects my family much more than in the short term.

Inbound marketing for real estate

Sustaining a digital marketing strategy for the real estate industry has given us exciting challenges not only in designing meaningful content strategies for future and current residents, but in aligning the sales process with marketing objectives.

Investing in real estate is one of the most important financial decisions in people’s lives. Before taking a salesperson call, a prospect will discuss the property’s pros and cons, considering the location, equity, urban design, and security it offers.

Industrial B2B inbound marketing

Moving the conversation from the prices of a product to the quality of its benefits is one of the most complicated challenges for a company focused on the industrial sector. The bad practices that industries such as construction have sustained over time affect equipment suppliers that are committed to quality and safety.

Through Inbound Marketing strategies, our clients have been able to efficiently communicate the advantages that quality has over price, making the investment that their products represent for other companies attractive – and profitable.

Inbound marketing for schools

What school is ideal for your child? What career should you study? answering these questions transforms people’s futures. Through Inbound Marketing, we have worked with educational institutions to better profile their candidates, better communicate with their former students, and revitalize their database to convert contacts into loyal customers.

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